Laurie Underwood _ LauryEllE Weeding Dresses

Laurie Underwood

Laurie Underwood started her career as a Fashion Designer in 2008, designing ready-to-wear and custom pieces. Due to her success in designing for style savvy clients, she started her fashion line, Wanda Grace. In 2015, Laurie was casted on Lifetime’s Emmy winning, Project Runway, where she placed in top 7 on the show. After returning from Project Runway, Laurie decided to explore other opportunities, which meant the end of her brand, Wanda Grace, which was for the woman who has to work, but loves to play. Today in 2017, Laurie has launched her new bridal line, LauryElle, uniquely named after the designer herself. LauryElle is Laurie’s fresh perspective on bridal dresses that epitomize chic femininity for today’s modern bride.